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This site talks about personal works, dedicated to the electronics of coming "Internet of things". It will be based mainly on embedded systems having incorporated wireless connection . Most of them are powered by a MIPS CPU and OpenWrt operating systen. Their main characteristic is a very low current consumption, they can operate on a small battery and can be inserted in clothes (wearable computing). Having enough memory and processing power they are capable of complex behaviour. OpenWrt is a very light Linux distribution suited to systems with reduced hardware resources. It is then very friendly to current consumption, probably the most important item in this area of future development. Wireless is the key element of OpenWrt, defining itself "Wireless freedom". Anyway there is not only OpenWrt, embedded systems with no host environement, having only application program managing itself, are still less power hungry, and hence still competitive. Somebody said "use a kernel with nine million lines of code to switch on and off few leds is a little bit wasteful". But never forget the famous sentence of a Sun Microsystems presentation of year 1991: "Put in your products plenty of transistors, up to the waste, or you will become quickly non competitive. Now after having learned to waste transistors, you should learn to waste bandwidth". Surprisingly enough, they accurately forecasted the future.

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